14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
LeoMed by Leopoly
A Produkt of: Leopoly Kft.

LeoMed is a end-to-end CAD software solution to digitize, simplify and automate the production processes of O&P medical devices.

Increased productivity: accuracy, repeatable consistency

Sped up & simplified design steps: easy to design and customize products

Better O&P devices: 3D printing brings innovation in structure, look and materials

Your business at the forefront: LeoMed can be integrated into your unique business process and tailored to your needs, the modular structure allows you to pay for only the tools you need



Scan: Processing 3D body scans and finding matching product templates that can be edited automatically/manually.

Design tools: A mix of simple and advanced tools to achieve the best fitting and functional O&P design.

3D Visualization & custom front end: Real-time 3D Visualization and customizable user interface tailored to your brand and product.

Scalable cloud service: Thanks to our cloud-based system, the app will run smoothly on any device.

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