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XXL wheelchair LEOflex
A Produkt of: Motion Solutions GmbH
The XXL wheelchair LEOflex proves that a standard load capacity of up to 250 kg and maximum manoeuvrability can be combined. All components that are subject to particularly high loads, such as the frame, the wheel suspension, and the leg and arm supports, are manufactured in our workshop in Remscheid. The wheels are also custom-made and each can carry up to 250 kg. Thanks to the newly developed oscillating axle with drag steering, the LEOflex remains amazingly slim and turns on the spot. Depending on the seat width, our XXL wheelchair can also master narrow places without any problems. At the same time, the optional gyroscopic support ensures smooth straight-ahead running and a comfortable driving experience. The front wheels are each equipped with suspension. At the same time, the oscillating axle ensures that the wheels have contact with the ground in every driving situation. The LEOflex is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and has a CE-marking.

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