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Kugelgarn Volta®
A Produkt of: Fabromont AG

The new Kugelgarn Volta® collection from Fabromont AG offers a textile floor covering with which floors can be designed according to individual needs. The collection consists of eight colour families with three colour gradations each, which can be laid seamlessly next to each other as planks in 25 x 100 cm format -- whether as a play of colours, staggered like a ship's floor parquet or in a variety of other patterns. This gives every floor a unique look, no room is the same as the next. Thanks to the random mix, each plank is unique and thus a tool for the individual design of the room. The individual planks can be easily removed at any time and transformed into new designs. This creates rooms in which you can feel at home. Because Kugelgarn® is also convincing in the innovative Volta design variant with the highest quality and is as usual hard-wearing, durable and easy-care.

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