14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
New Push Aequi Flex

Meet the new Push med Ankle Brace
Aequi Flex featuring an optimised fit,
Aequi stability and supreme comfort.
Replacing the original Aequi Flex in
our range, this innovative update is
available alongside the Push ortho
Aequi, so offering doctors a choice
of treatment options.

Flex-protect: Aequi stability in a new form

The Aequi concept, with its medial shell
and mediolateral anchor strap has been
a great success for many years. Now the
new Push Aequi Flex takes the original
supportive-yet-comfortable concept and
enhances it in a new and innovative way.
We call it the Flex-protect system.
The medial reinforcement is redesigned,
featuring a shell that is rigid in the centre
with increased flexibility towards the edges.
The shell encloses the lower leg, ankle and
heel and has a recess for the malleolus.
At the front, the brace’s diagonal strap
system anchors the foot in the shell.
The closed loop of shell and strap offers
inversion control and compression at the
same time.

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Mr. Tom Wessels
Push braces / Nea International member ofa bamberg group
Mr. Raymond Wolfs
Push braces / Nea International member ofa bamberg group