14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
VINCENTevolution4 – the most modern and advanced Hand Prosthesis at VINCENT Systems GmbH: waterproof, robust, lightweight, Made in Germany
A Produkt of: Vincent Systems GmbH

The human hand is a masterpiece of evolution: mobile and powerful, while enabling intricate control and delicate movement. To completely replace it is a task beyond today‘s technical advances. However, the development of hand prostheses, such as the VINCENTevolution4, reflects our mission to come closer to this goal. The prosthesis functions over 16 joints, 10 of which are controlled by 6 motors. A world first: up to 4 EMG Sensors are able to be connected to the prosthesis, enabling AI and TMR controls to function directly on the hand in a space-saving manner. The most optimal result is achieved through a further world first: the ultra-flat digital EMG-Electrodes, VINCENTemg1 and VINCENTemg2. The control, which functions over 15 possible grasps, is both fast, reliable and solely controlled by muscle signals. No buttons, transponders, or assisted movement of the prosthesis is required to control smart devices.


Mr. Dr. Stefan Schulz
Vincent Systems GmbH


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