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Custom Prosthetic Covers: C-Collection
A Produkt of: UNYQ
The C-Collection is a line of individualized custom covers. The design is adapted to every user’s anatomy and prosthetic combination, based on photos and measurements of the user. With the help of the UNYQ app, the measurement process takes under 30 minutes, without the need of a scanner. We design each cover to be ‘like no other’. Available for AK and BK users, delivered in just 2-4 weeks.

3D Firm covers:  made of polyamide (PA12), a resistant and firm material. Available in more than 20 designs, 40 colors and matt e/glossy coati ng to create a fully personalized cover that matches each user’s style.

3D Flex covers: our personalized high endurance flexible covers, made of revolutionary 3D material and special coloring that absorbs impact and bends to ensure durability, at the same time maintaining an elegant design. Available in 5 exclusive designs, that off er variety and versatility. Available in Black glossy. Colors coming soon!

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Mr. Customer Success Manager Miguel Ligero
Mr. Sales Manager DACH Ralph Schubert



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Tel.: +34 954 043699

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