14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
TASKA HandGen2
A Produkt of: TASKA Prosthetics GmbH

The TASKA Hand is an all-day, everyday prosthetic hand, giving users the robustness and versatility they need to have more control of their daily life. TASKA Hands have smarter grips, natural movement patterns, and a quick disconnect system that combine to create a simpler, more intuitive user experience.
With infinite rotations and reliable release, our industry-compatible Quick Disconnect Wrist offers total flexibility. Dual release buttons make it easier and faster to disconnect the hand, while enhancing grip security.
Every TASKA HandGen2 is equipped with TASKA’s HydroSeal™ Waterproofing Technology. When used with compatible components, waterproofing is extended beyond the wrist, opening up a new category of everyday actions for our users.
Our TASKA Hand is supported by MyTASKA App, this gives users easy access to customisable settings and grips directly on their mobile device. They can add, remove, and reorder their grips, creating a configuration that works best for them.

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Ms. Simona Collin
TASKA Prosthetics GmbH
Mr. Neil Stephen
TASKA Prosthetics GmbH