14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
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It is usually the so-called small claims, such as e.g. additional payments that are not paid in accordance with the contract. As a rule, you are not allowed to charge any reminder costs for the first reminder. Furthermore, according to the established rulings of the highest court, only the costs actually incurred, such as e.g. E.g. Postage, paper, envelope included in these reminder costs. Administrative and personnel costs are usually not included, as these are part of general business operations. It is therefore usually uneconomical for you to send reminders for small claims, since your internal costs are significantly higher. However, in order to be able to assert your damage caused by delay, you are obliged to send a reminder to your customer.
Thanks to our effective processes, we can offer you much cheaper rates for your dunning process than you can map internally.
Both you and your customers benefit from our personal service.

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