14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
P&O Technical Trainings
A Produkt of: Satori EURL

Located in South of France Satori offers many possibilities of technical trainings:

HTV SILICONES: Discover all possible applications and combinations.
RTV SILICONES: Inserts, reinforcements, molds, liners, discover all the possibilities.
SOCKETS: 100% flexible in silicone, with rigid reinforcement, gel insertions, Carbone frame with resin or Pre Preg-Carbon anything is possible.
PREG ORTHOSIS: AFO, KAFO, DAFO, with or without articulations…Learn to master this material offering many advantages.
COSMETICS: Feet, hands, fingers. Total or partial amputations, malformations and many different types of finishings and details.
POSITIONING: Patient analysis and positioning theory depending on pathologies and your goals. Practical cases. I.N.E.S.S ®: Innovative Edge Silicon System: Flexibility of silicone + Rigidity of carbon for maximal confort and minimum weight.
3D Printing: How to start? What to manufacture? What printer to buy? Custom made training.


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Satori EURL
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Satori EURL

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