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INESS Socket and Technology
A Produkt of: Satori EURL

INESS (Innovative Edge Silicone System)

Flexibility of Silicones and Rigidity of Carbon combined Edge to edge for better confort, and lesser weight.

=> Lighteness, rigidity, flexibility and technicity.

Technical frame: Carbon or other pre impregnated material (bamboo, basalt, aramid)

Silicone: Deformation calibrated edge to edge areas in silicone.

Unlimited possibilities: Rigid or dynamic areas (dynamic deformation like AFOs). Calendered or injected silicones as needed, etc…

Advanced knowledge and mastering of these materials allow us to liberate ourselves from their restraints and open the doors of our imagination.

Conceiving medical devices that are at the same time technical, flexible and very light, becomes very easy for us skilled and experienced professionals.

I.N.E.S.S nourishes from each P&O’s specialist experience and allows us to increase our technicity without changing our working habits.

More info: sales@trinytec.com

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