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Upya by Exoneo
A Produkt of: EXONEO

"I feel like I've got my foot back", those were words from Joelle when she tried Upya for the first time.

Born from the desire to offer a dynamic, comfortable and, above all, budget-friendly solution, Upya is a polyarticulated prosthetic foot which reproduces the natural movement of a foot. Thanks to its biomechanical and innovative design, Upya offers a very natural gait, excellent stability, great walking comfort and dynamism with every step.

1. Upya's polyarticulation includes the mobility of the toes, which increases the pace of walking and improves the symmetry of walking. The polyarticulation also ensures maximum stability during the walking cycle thanks to the automatic adaptation of the components to the terrain through load transfers
2. Upya's design and material choice make it water-resistant and durable through its replaceable parts
3. Upya's fiberglass blade and spring contribute to an efficient energy restitution and a revitalized dynamism during the whole walking cycle

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Mr. Jean-Yves Delaulle
Mr. Frederic Dupont



22 avenue de la Baltique
91140 Villebon sur Yvette

Tel.: +33 9 52135335

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