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Symphonie Aqua System VC TT/TF
A Produkt of: Romedis GmbH

Thanks to the adjustable hydrostatic pressure in the Symphonie Aqua System VC, the anatomy of the residual limb is precisely captured. The plaster impression produced in this way enables patients and technicians to capture the pressure situation in the negative cast under full weight-bearing load. The patient can also provide valuable information on the socket volume, the load distribution on bony structures and any painful areas. Even in this early phase, bony protrusions and sensitive scar tissue can be easily identi?ed under full weight-bearing load. Tedious adjustment of the test socket is no longer necessary. The dedicated VC app provides an individual calculation of the recommended pressure in the cylinder. Thanks to improved e?ciency and e?cacy, more time is available for adjusting the prosthesis and for patient service.

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