14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
Allux™ 2 Knee
A Produkt of: Ortho-Reha Neuhof GmbH

The ALLUX™ 2 knee continues the success story of its forerunner. The revised version is now designed to be even more user-friendly and improves the walking experience in many areas.

The 4-axis polycentric gives a very natural gait pattern and offers plenty of ground clearance, which is a clear gain in safety and comfort, especially when walking on uneven surfaces. Together with the microprocessor-controlled trip protection, this makes the ALLUX™ 2 one of the safest prosthetic knee joints on the market.

Walking with the ALLUX™ 2 is controlled by multi-sensor hydraulics. This enables dynamic and safe mobility for users with medium to high activity levels.

The complete control and configuration of the ALLUX™ 2 knee is done via smartphone apps for orthopaedic technicians and users.

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