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RSC® Brace

The Rigo® System Chêneau® (RSC®) Brace is a highly e­fficient scoliosis brace based on the proven RSC® Scoliosis Treatment System therapy concept. Developed by the renowned Dr. Manuel Rigo and based on Dr. Jacques Chêneau’s concepts, Ortholutions has been the driving technology and production partner of Dr. Rigo from the very beginning.

Over the last 20 years of orthopedic brace treatment, we have compiled one of the largest global databases and a network of international Scoliosis experts. Innumerable data points regarding RSC® brace manufacturing help us guarantee customized scoliosis therapies based on a patented and well-proven process.

Ortholutions is offering a full-range service from classification to tailormade production culminating in a lifelong, worldwide treatment safety.

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