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Universal Post-Op ROM Knee Orthosis
A Produkt of: Orthobroker bv

Features and Benefits
- A unique and versatile, universal orthosis covers a large variety of leg lengths and widths.
- With its extendable aluminium bars and cuffs, the brace can be made extremely short (45 cm) or long (60 cm).
- Easy circumference adjustment from quite small to XX-Large.
- Foam pads with anti-slip surface hold the brace well in place.
- Improved skin aeration due to limited skin coverage by the foam padding.
- Convenient click closure system facilitate removal and re-application without having to reset for each application.
- Additional foam pads can be applied for comfort and stability at the backside of the soft thigh straps.
- Knee ROM easy to adjust or lock with dual system.
- Prevent patient from manipulating ROM with “lock caps” attached on press buttons.
- Option to lock extra in 4 positions “0° – 15° – 30° – 45°”.

- Post-operative knee immobilisation
- Stable fractures in the knee region
- Knee trauma (sprains)

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