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Lastofa Forte: The reliable companion in oedema therapy
A Produkt of: Ofa Bamberg GmbH

The unique material of Lastofa Forte offers great advantages in daily oedema therapy: merino wool has a temperature-balancing and odour-inhibiting effect, microfibre makes Lastofa Forte very longitudinally elastic and pleasantly soft. Individually selectable add-ons, such as a lining fabric in the hollow of the knee, also have a positive effect on wearing comfort and fit. The seam of Lastofa Forte also has a lot to offer: It is particularly flat and thus hardly noticeable when worn. With the unique decorative seams, the closing seam even becomes a visual highlight if desired! This makes Lastofa Forte a reliable companion in oedema therapy.


Lastofa Forte can be ordered as a toe and leg supply as well as an arm sleeve and glove in compression classes I - IV.

In addition to eight standard colours, annually changing fashion colours are available. Currently, these are the strikingly beautiful colours Berry and Forest Green.

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