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A Produkt of: McLean REHAtechnik GmbH

The three types of McLean individual Seat Shells are made of high-quality polyurethane foam.
They offer an ideal sitting position allowing individual adaptation to the body shape according to
therapeutic /medical requirements. An impression of the body shape is made using an assessment
chair and a two piece vacuum cushion which is then scanned with a scanner.
Our custom-made covers satisfy even the most stringent requirements. A special impregnation
ensures that they are stain-resistant and easy to clean. An integrated layer of foam backing assists
in heat disapation and helps to offer a comfortable seat. The covers have a high resistance to
colour fading, hard wearing, are fire resistant and can be washed at up to 30° C. They do not lose
their elasticity even after long use.
The covers are suitable to be used as incontinence covers. A full range of different covers and
patterns are available.

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