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Subischialsocket / MWK® TF socket
A Produkt of: Guenther Bionics GmbH

Scientifi cally developed sub-ischial socket system, which has established and proven itself on the German market since 2015. It is listed as a reimbursable aid by both private and public health insurance companies and the Federal Guild Association and is billable by prosthetics providers upon certifi cation.
Fitting a MWK socket® is only possible for certified prosthetics provider businesses in conjunction with a specifi cally trained/certifi ed practitioner. Our advanced training system is characterized by its exacting standards and is the basis for the sustained high quality of MWK fittings.
Indicated for trans-femoral amputees of activity levels 2 through 4, with muscle status of 3 through 5 (after Smith) and a residual length from short to long. Soft tissue coverage is irrelevant. May replace any prior prosthesis socket design; quadrilateral, ischial containment, or anatomical / MAS socket shape.
You can also find more information at www.subischial-schaft.de

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