14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
A Produkt of: Gastrock-Stöcke GmbH

Apart from the safety-relevant rubber tip, the ECO-DERBY consists of pure natural raw materials and is completly biodegradable.
The cane and the black jewelry ring are made from beech wood from our local forests. This reduces the CO² footprint of this product immensely.
The coating of the canes is made on the basis of natural waxes and natural pigments and also made in Germany.

The cane comes in the standard length of 94cm and has a rubber tip mounted at the end.


Mr. Peter Gastrock
Gastrock-Stöcke GmbH


Gastrock-Stöcke GmbH

Forststraße 4
37242 Bad Sooden-Allendorf

Tel.: +49 36087 9700
Fax: +49 36087 97014

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