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Relief Insert® Walker 2.0 | Lower Leg/Foot Orthosis
A Produkt of: DARCO (Europe) GmbH
The positioning splint is used to position the lower leg to the foot at a 90° angle. For immobilization of the lower leg foot with simultaneous mobilization, a walker can be assembled from the positioning splint with the aid of a therapeutic shoe. The exchangeable inner sole offers individual adaptation to the patient.

> Arthrodesis of the first TMT joint (lapidus arthrodesis)
> After metatarsal fracture surgery
> After hallux valgus surgery
> After hallux rigidus surgery
> After hammer and claw toe surgery
> Fractures of the phalanges
> After surgery on the rearfoot
> For ligament rupture of the ankle joint
> Postoperative use after removal of Haglund’s exostosis (withintact Achilles tendon)
> Pre- and postoperative / post-traumatic immobilisation of the lower leg / foot, stable foot or ankle fractures, severe ankle sprains
> Upper ankle joint arthrodesis

> Two-in-One: Splinting System and Walker
> Easy to put on and take off

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