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4070 HDP
A Produkt of: WASP - CSP S.R.L.

4070 HDP is a large format 3d printer designed to print directly from granules. WASP 4070HDP is the first small-sized WASP printer, as well as one of the very few in the world, to print directly from thermoplastic pellets. The system of controlled active chamber temperature up to 50 °C allows an optimal printing of standard, technical, or recycled thermoplastics while maintaining a relatively low temperature on the mechanics. The innovative vacuum retention system VAC, allows you to replace the printing plate in a few seconds, ensuring the total absence of micro-moves during printing even at high temperatures. 4070HDP is equipped with a pneumatically loaded HDP extruder capable of extruding standard, technical, and recycled thermoplastics. A capacitive sensor placed on the extruder body detects the presence of material and independently requests it from the main 5-liter tank located on the side of the printer, interrupting the process in case the material runs out.

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