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4070 FX
A Produkt of: WASP - CSP S.R.L.
4070 FX is a large format printer designed to print soft materials down to 50 shores A.  
4070 FX is manufactured in metal, with non-deformable steel core belts, featuring thermal and acoustic insulation. The system of controlled active chamber temperature up to 70 °C allows an optimal printing of technical thermoplastics while maintaining a relatively low temperature on the mechanics.
4070 FX, is provided also with new motor drivers that make the printer much quieter and more precise, combined with new, more powerful stepper motors that give it greater solidity. 4070 FX can be connected to the network and then be managed directly via mobile phone, tablet or computer. The innovative vacuum retention system VAC (Vacuum Active Control), allows you to replace the printing plate in a few seconds, ensuring the total absence of micro-moves during printing even at high temperatures.
The 4070 FX features a single Ø2.85mm XFLEX direct filament extruder capable of reaching 280°C.

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