14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
The Nexus Hand
A Produkt of: COVVI LTD

The COVVI team are highly experienced in the prosthetics field and have collaborated throughout development, to put into practice the lessons learned from preceding designs. The Nexus Hand is enabled by an innovative actuator design with market-leading power density and comes in three different sizes, all of which operate with next level grip force (70N) and speed (0.4s Tripod grip) capabilities.

It also has a three-way digit control system, in addition to a built-in E-Paper screen that can display notifications, troubleshooting issues and training information during set-up.
Our hand size range is suitable for all adults and most adolescents. At COVVI, we started with the small Nexus Hand and built bigger. This ensured we did not compromise on any functionality across the size range where in the past engineers had always started big and tried to shrink their design down, which was challenging to do without losing some of the hand’s function.

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