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B- Temia's KEEOGO TM
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B- Temia's KEEOGO TM
KEEOGO is a low-profile, lightweight exoskeleton that users can put on in minutes with the help of motors at the knee joints. The name KEEOGO is derived from the phrase 'Keep on Going' and describes its purpose: to help people walk (again). KEEOGO can be used as an effective gait rehabilitation trainer. It helps people walk with less effort and aims to improve their autonomy.
Where can KEEOGO be useful?
- In general, sufficient strength in the hips is a basic requirement for KEEOGO to help
- In case of stroke, spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis
- In the case of accidental injuries that have a neurological effect on mobility
- For rehabilitation centers, research facilities, etc.
How is the fitting done?
- by certified neurophysiotherapists and technicians
- with a test run of up to four weeks

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