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ThunderCell Battery
A Produkt of: BIONIT LABS S.R.L.
With a weight of only 76 g (2.68 oz), our external, interchangeable lithium-ion battery features a 950 mAh capacity and a 7.4 V nominal voltage. It can be fully charged in about 1h by an USB Type-C connector and it can also work as a power bank, so that it can recharge the battery of other devices, such as the users’ smartphones. The ThunderCell Battery is a smart device: it sends relevant information to the Adam's Hand, like the battery percentage, the instant cells temperature and the overall battery health. The remote firmware updates through our MyoLogic App ensure the most updated version of the system. The Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) allows the battery to track the prosthesis’ position in the space, improving the calibration procedure and helping the users with the training process. Users can also obtain useful info about the battery status thanks to haptic feedback. Finally, ThunderCell Battery is totally waterproof, featuring IP67 rate.

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