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Fly Splint
A Produkt of: Artsanity S.r.l.

The Fly Splints, being anatomical and already conformed, have been created for a quick, simple and clean use, but also with the possibility to adapt the splint, thermoforming some parts on the bony prominences; it is a product biocompatible with the patient's skin and therefore applicable directly without interposing anything between the brace and the segment to be treated.
Totally Made in Italy, Fly Splint is the result of a collaboration between manufacturers and users to encompass in a single product all the innovations needed in a splint.

-MORE comfortable, it doesn’t need padding
-MORE simple, instant ready
-MORE fast, splint with bandage
-MORE anatomic, it adapts perfectly to the patient’s limb
-MORE affordable with others splints on the market

-Wrapping to the limb
-Flexible as necessary
-Soft to skin contact
-Hypo-allergenic with antibacterial treatment
-Thermoforming with hot air
-Biocompatibility: tested materials

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