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Chest Support Harnesses

Our Chest Support Harnesses are made of elastic neoprene which is kind to the skin and are used for trunk instability. The elastic material offers the user a greater freedom of movement. Individual adjustment of each fixing strap results in perfect adaptation to the clinical requirements. The Chest Support Harnesses are easy care and machine washable up to 30° C. The standard version is available in 6 sizes. Women should use the Chest Support Harnesses designed for women. All sizes are also available with a zip. We also offer custom made Chest Support Harnesses, if required.


A further development of the chest harness is the Shoulder Retraction Harness, which offers a light pull on either right, left or both shoulders without putting pressure on the sensitive acromion.

This harness is usually used to prevent light spinal twisting or torsion which is often encountered with clients who have scoliosis.

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