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27 - 29 October 2020

Amoena Post-OP-Compressions-Bra Leyla

The new compression bra Leyla allows improved postoperative care after breast surgery

The Leyla compression bra, the latest development from Amoena, the world's leading manufacturer of products for breast-operated women, enables best possible surgical results as Leyla offers as much compression as necessary while providing as much wearing comfort as possible.

Unique visual sizing allows the right bra to be selected fast and efficiently. Seamless technology, double sizes and universal cup shapes make it easier for surgeons and healthcare professionals to choose the right compression bra. It also means that fewer garments have to be stocked to meet all patients needs, saving space and time.

A disinfection wash carried out in advance, with subsequent packaging in a protective atmosphere in a peel bag that serves as a barrier against germs and bacteria. This allows the product to be applied to the patient in the operating room, directly after the procedure.

Read more amoena.com/leyla

AMOENA Medizin-Orthopädie-Technik GmbH

Kapellenweg 36
83064 Raubling
Phone: +49 8035 871-0
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Email: info.customerservice@amoena.com
Internet: www.amoena.de

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