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12 - 15 May 2020

ALPS High Density Gel: When stability meets comfort

ALPS South is a leading manufacturer of advanced gel based medical devices with more than 50 patents across several product categories.

ALPS is proud to present his new line of prosthetic gel liners and sleeves for lower limb amputees featured with an innovative High Density Gel formula. 

ALPS new High Density Gel formula provides active users with the control they require. Thanks to its dense and firm texture, it's particularly recommended for amputees transitioning from silicone to gel.

The benefits of Alps Gels are now available for amputees with any level of activity with a wide range of liners for everyone’s needs: if locking, cushion, or sealing, if in 3mm or 6mm uniform or Tapered (Anterior posterior or bottom up), if with antioxidant or with higher density each amputee will find his perfect fit.

And free samples are offered at any time!

Moreover, ALPS liners are available now for private label with the customer’s own company logo.


Božkovské náměstí 17/21
326 00 Plzeň
Czech Republic
Phone: +39 051 860642
Phone: +49 89 59998820
Phone: +420 377 223127
Email: info@easyliner.eu
Internet: www.easyliner.eu

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