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27 - 29 October 2020

Adapt Air breast prostheses

Adapt Air breast prostheses - perfect fit and wearing comfort like made to measure

Individually adaptable and comfortable to wear thanks to the integrated air chamber, Comfort+ technology, and lightweight silicone

With the Adapt Air breast prostheses, Amoena sets standards and raises breast prosthetics to a new level. An integrated air chamber allows an Adapt Air prosthesis to be individually adapted to the chest wall and the natural silhouette of the user. The user can adjust the volume of the prosthesis on her own to fit her body’s needs using the pump supplied.

High wearing comfort is achieved by a combination of different technologies. The Comfort+ technology promotes temperature balance between body and prosthesis and thus reduces sweating. Thanks to the use of special lightweight silicones Adapt Air prostheses are also available in two different weight classes, either 25 percent or 40 percent lighter than a conventional prosthesis of the same size.

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