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27 - 29 October 2020

4 bar linkage and total phase MPK ALLUXTM

Nabtesco have produced world’s first combined 4 bar-linkage design and hydraulic total phase microprocessor knee joint which can provide a realistic motion in comparison to a real life knee since 2015. This premium knee’s development realized advanced safety and various user-friendliness by adopting linkage system with natural movement and hydraulic microprocessor control. ALLUX offers solutions for patient issues which have not been approached by other manufacturers. There were high demands for a combination of four bar linkage design and microprocessor control from amputees and practitioners. Although the development of this knee joint faced various high level technical challenges, we could overcome these challenges by our motion control technology.

Nabtesco Corporation

Uozakihamamachi 35, Higashinada-Ku
658-0024 Kobe
Phone: +81 78 4132724
Fax: +81 78 4132725
Email: akio_sakata@nabtesco.com

Hall 5 Booth D22
Hall 5 Booth D28
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