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Exhibitor Details

Exhibitor Details

TASKA Prosthetics GmbH

About us

Founder Mat Jury began the TASKA story in his garage in Wellington, New Zealand in 2010. He worked tirelessly in the evenings and on the weekends as he sought to solve the flexibility and fragility issues which plagued every myoelectric hand on the market at that time. Drawing on insights gained from international experts, clinicians and users, Mat eventually made the breakthrough, developing the technology behind the TASKA Hand’s flexible palm design. The product evolved and the team grew with Mat. Today, TASKA is a multinational company with over 60 team members working across five countries. The vision? To help differently limbed people to perform more everyday activities with confidence. The TASKA Hand has earned a reputation as the most robust myoelectric, multi-articulating hand on the market - and the only one with HydroSeal Waterpoofing Technology. It’s won Mat and his team a slew of innovation awards and, most importantly, changed the lives of users all over the world.

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TASKA HandGen2
The TASKA Hand is an all-day, everyday prosthetic hand, giving users the robustness and versatility they need to have more control of their daily life. TASKA Ha...
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12/05/2022 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Exhibitor Workshop

Exhibitor: TASKA Prosthetics GmbH

Messehaus, M25
Niklas Immink (TASKA Prosthetics GmbH ) Neil Stephen (TASKA Prosthetics GmbH )


Mr. Neil Stephen
TASKA Prosthetics GmbH
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TASKA Prosthetics GmbH