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Spraino Aps

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Spraino specializes in technology that makes footwear safer and alleviates disabilities. Friction on the edge of shoe soles is high and can lead to injuries such as falls from trips, or ankle distortions. In certain medical conditions, footwear friction may even deteriorate an already existing gait impairment. Our technology enables control of footwear friction and thus the forces generated while walking. By so changing the biomechanics, we change clinical outcomes for the better. Our solutions can be retrofitted to existing footwear or built into shoes by manufacturers. Spraino has its roots in research, and the clinical effect of our technology is documented in a large RCT study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. As a company, we work to help athletes and disabled alike. Whether in minimizing the risk of injuries, alleviating disabilities, or enhancing performance. We aim to base what we do in science and to assume responsibility for society and environment.

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Effective relief of gait impairment and injury risk
Spraino offers solutions that helps patients alleviate gait impairment and reduce injury risk. If a shoe has surface contact at any point during the swing phase...
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Mr. CEO Peter Soerensen
Spraino Aps
Mr. CSO Thor Groenlykke
Spraino Aps


Spraino Aps

Ole Maaloes Vej 3
2200 Copenhagen N

Tel.: +45 20997898

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