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Exhibitor Details

HYMED Technology Co. HYMED

About us

HYMED Technology Co. was founded in 2019 and started to make the novel splinting composite material and orthoses. HYMED’s mission is to make orthoses conform you and fit your body whenever you need support. HYSPLINT is a composite of low-temperature moldable polymer and spacer fabric, made to use as a splinting plate and base supporting material. HYSPLINT is re-moldable composite material and has high-strength, high-breathability and light weight characteristics to make custom-fit, most comfortable and best supported orthoses and protection gears to ease the recovery days. Whenever you have osteoporosis, have a have acute muscle injury when carrying heavy objects, or during a fracture recovery period or you have a sedentary daily life, use of our exclusive customized products could give you a pleasant rehabilitation and recovery period.

Product portfolio


Spinofitt vest
Support and protection-----Shape it to Fit you "SPINOFITT Vest" uses the innovative composite material HYSPLINT developed by our exclusive technology to replace...
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Lightwaist support
Lightwaist support has a simple structure but not simple materials. It uses the innovative composite material HYSPLINT. The outer layer is eye-catching and brea...
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Ms. Ivy Chiang
HYMED Technology Co. HYMED
Mr. Kevin Yang
HYMED Technology Co. HYMED


HYMED Technology Co. HYMED

No. 3-3, Hongmao, Xinfeng Township
30472 Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Tel.: +886 3 5686861
Fax: +886 3 5686961

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