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Exhibitor Details

Chrisofix AG.

About us

CHRISOFIX® is a Swiss company with over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing orthopaedic splints and orthoses. Based on our Corrugatech patented technology, our products provide stable circular fixation and perfect fitting, ensuring a comfortable user experience, quick application, and fulfilling both adjustability and reusability requirements. CHRISOFIX® orthoses not only provide state-of-the-art immobilization, but also bring solid, contemporary design to the medical device market. Chrisofix products are CE-marked and equipped with EAN-UDI identifications, as such ready to be sold worldwide. Furthermore, all of our products are documented, registered, and approved for sale in Europe, conforming to the requirements of the latest European Medical Device Regulation (MDR).Chrisofix as a manufacturer provides a high-quality product range, excellent marketing, online expertise, and a stable and solid, European-based, ISO 13485-certified production and logistics background.

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Finger splint (DIP+PIP) - Malleable
Recommended for fixation of the PIP and DIP joints following injuries, stress and strain, ligament injuries and certain fractures or in case of degenerative sta...
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Chrisofix® orthoses for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
The Chrisofix® Carpal Tunnel orthosis serves to fixate the wrist in the adequate position to relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome during the night. It is...
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Mr. László Bogár
Chrisofix AG.
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Chrisofix AG.


Chrisofix AG.

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8302 Kloten

Tel.: +36 1 2871056

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