Personal exchange with industry partners is the most valuable source of inspiration and sparkling ideas. Matchmaking helps you to quickly and easily make relevant business contacts, arrange meetings and talk to other exhibitors and participants, either digitally via video call or directly on-site.

Opportunities with Matchmaking

Modern business networking with Matchmaking offers you a wide range of possibilities to network and enter into dialogue with exhibitors and visitors.

Contact profile

You need a user account first to be able to enjoy all the advantages of Matchmaking. This is where you can store all the information about your company and specify your individual interests and goals.

However, in order to be able to use Matchmaking for your business contacts, you will first need a user account.

Suggested contacts

Modern business networking with Matchmaking offers you a selection of personalised contact suggestions that you can adapt to your individual interests and goals.

Receive suggested contacts for the event based on the data in your own profile and assign these to your personal contacts.


You can send personal messages to any of your suggested contacts at any time. These will be shown in the respective chat history under the tab "Messages".

To see newly received message, please actively refer to the tab "Messages" on the website.

In the app it is possible to activate push-notifications so that you will be notified immediately when you receive an incoming message.

Meeting requests

You can quickly and easily send meeting requests to your matched or saved contacts. You can either talk to potential customers directly at the trade fair or arrange a meeting together at some other time.

Your business partners can then confirm or reject this request. In the event of rejection, an alternative proposal can be sent straight back to the person making the request. A video conference link can also be generated automatically.

Meeting overview

Regardless of the nature of your appointment request, once it has been confirmed, it will be assigned to the respective user profiles and listed in the meeting overview. There you have the option to export confirmed appointments as calendar data into the system calendar, as well as to cancel appointments.

Video Calls

If you or your business contact do not have time for a personal meeting, you can easily arrange a video call via matchmaking and start a virtual conversation.

Smart and mobile

Use Matchmaking either as a desktop version or via the app to find interesting contacts and expand your professional network anytime and anywhere.

You can find the app for the current event to download in your app store for iOS and Android.

Do you want to make your next trade fair visit a real success? Use Matchmaking to make interesting contacts for your business and get into conversation with potential customers and partners!