14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
09/12/2021 OTWorld

Practice-based: Courses and Workshops

The congress programme offers participants a broad spectrum of highly practical content on prosthetics and orthotics. Over 20 courses and factory talks cover the topics of prosthetics, orthotics and orthopaedic footwear technology with their respective links to physiotherapy and medicine in detail. The courses and factory talks are aimed at working specialists, trainees and journeymen as well as students enrolled on bachelor's courses in prosthetics & orthotics or orthopaedic footwear technology.

Visitors to the trade fair can choose from six practical courses each day. These take place each morning before the scientific programme at OTWorld 2022 begins. There will also be a factory talk offering practical insights into orthopaedic technology every day from 11 to 13 May. Events can be booked in the ticket shop from early Februarary 2022.

New Course Format: Examination Techniques

These hands-on courses teach basic knowledge of various examination techniques through practical demonstrations with doctors and patients. This format is aimed at prosthetists, orthotists and orthopaedic shoemakers. Courses look at how to identify and assess problems and make meaningful referrals to the doctor where necessary. There will be one course each day covering examination techniques for feet and stumps as well as on neuro-orthopaedic symptoms.

Examination Techniques for Feet

This course discusses anamnesis techniques and focuses on examination methods for feet and ankles during inspections and examinations on patients who are lying down. Adjuvant examination techniques such as X-rays are also discussed alongside typical CT and MRI findings. The results of the clinical examination are then assigned to specific symptoms and participants receive advice on suitable therapy options. The course is led by Dr Hartmut Stinus and is run in cooperation with the Gesellschaft für Fuß- und Sprunggelenkchirurgie e.V. (GFFC – Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery).

Examination Techniques for Stumps

This course covers basic knowledge on examination techniques for stumps and is held by Prof Dr Bernhard Greitemann. Participants will receive advice on what to look for in an examination and how to recognise important palpation findings.

Examination Techniques in Cases with Neuro-Orthopaedic Symptoms

This course covers examination techniques for patients with nerve and muscle diseases that affect their musculoskeletal system.

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