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OTWorld 2022: Focus on Orthopaedic Surgery

The congress programme at OTWorld 2022 offers several events examining a comprehensive spectrum of orthopaedic surgery topics. Doctors, therapists, prosthetists and orthotists can benefit from the latest in interdisciplinary expertise, ranging from a basic course in amputation surgery to symposia on amputations and provision of prosthetics.

Under the patronage of Congress Presidents Dipl.-Ing. Merkur Alimusaj from Heidelberg University Hospital and Prof Martin Engelhardt from Osnabrück Hospital, orthopaedic surgery will feature prominently in the congress programme.

Basic Course in Amputation Surgery

In cooperation with Initiative '93 and the Professional Association for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery (BVOU), the basic course in amputation surgery will be offered as an advanced training event for doctors. The course will teach the basics of technical orthopaedics in a compact format.

The first part of the course focuses on basic techniques for the lower limbs (German only) such as amputations in the foot, leg, or pelvic areas. Prof Greitemann of the Reha-Klinikum Bad Rothenfelde and his colleague Dr Eckardt of the RKU-Universitäts- & Rehabilitationskliniken Ulm will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various amputation levels, the necessary surgical steps, and the demands on professional follow-up care.

The second part of the course will focus on basic techniques for the upper limbs and operative correction of residual limbs (German only). In his lecture, Prof Bernhard Greitemann will discuss the various kinds of residual limb pain and will use case studies to demonstrate the necessity for operative correction of residual limbs. In this course, prosthetists and orthotists will learn how to recognise possible causes of residual limb pain, which can be due not only to the prosthesis but also to the residual limb itself.

Symposia Examine Amputation and Provision of Prosthetics

On 11 May, Prof Berhard Greiteman and Olaf Gawron of Pohlig Orthopaedic Technology will present the symposium Amputation and prosthetic treatment in the pelvic region . The lectures will cover the various amputations in the hip area, such as hemipelvectomy or hip disarticulation, which may be required due to tumours or trauma. Surgical interventions in the pelvic area are among the most technically demanding interventions due to its close proximity to the organs as well as the major blood vessels and nerves.

The lecture will continue with a look at the provision of prosthetics after amputations in the pelvic area.

On 12 May, Prof Burkhard Lehner and Dipl.-Ing. Merkur Alimusaj, both from Heidelberg University Hospital, will lead the symposium Amputations in young people: requirements and special aspects . Together with colleagues, they will be presenting the specific challenges of treating patients with soft tissue and bone tumours as well as special surgical procedures for reconstructive and amputation surgery.

In order to secure recognised certification for the Initiative '93 basic course, it is necessary to purchase a course ticket in the OTWorld Ticket Shop . Admission to the symposia is included in the congress ticket.

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