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Knowledge Connects: OTWorld hosts Seminar at therapie LEIPZIG

For the first time, OTWorld will host a seminar on "Technical Orthopaedics and Therapy as an Interdisciplinary Approach" as part of the therapie LEIPZIG congress programme. As the leading national industry platform for therapy, medical rehabilitation and prevention, therapie LEIPZIG will be taking place from 24 to 26 March.

Under the leadership of Congress President Prof Martin Engelhard and Merkur Alimusaj (Dipl-Ing), the seminar will offer therapists valuable insights into interdisciplinary patient care and is scheduled to take place from 3–6 pm on 24 March. The focus of this 3-hour series of lectures will be on therapy as a treatment for sports injuries, the use of prosthetics and orthotics in patient care as well as postoperative measures.

Seminar Details

The first series of lectures will focus on "Sports Injuries and Rehab" and begins with a lecture by Prof Pierre Hepp from the Leipzig University Hospital on rehabilitation after injuries to the shoulder joint. This will be followed by a lecture on "Postoperative Analysis After Injuries to the Cruciate Ligament", given by Prof Matthias W. Hoppe from the University of Leipzig. The final lecture will be delivered by Dr Marcus Hübner from Osnabrück Hospital on "Treating Unstable Ankle Ligaments".

The second lecture series "Prosthetics and Gait Training" will begin with a talk by Jan Becker from the Federal Academy for Orthopaedic Technology (BUFA) on "Modern Prosthetics – Design and Functionality". Next, Merkur Alimusaj (Dipl-Ing) from Heidelberg University Hospital will be presenting his research on "Biomechanical Apects of Prosthetics Treatments", before Lina Scheepers from Össur delivers a report on "Prosthetics Training and Gait Training".

The third and final series of lectures at the seminar will focus on "Children's (Neuro)-Orthopaedics". It consists of lectures by Dr Christine Bollmann from the Marienstift Arnstadt academic teaching clinic for Jena University on "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Treatment in the Context of a Social Paediatrics Centre", by Prof Frank Braatz from the University Medical Centre Göttingen on "Current Issues in Treatment and the rehaKIND Organisation” and by Jochen Schickert from ORTHOVITAL on the topic of "Current Orthotic Treatment: Postoperative and Outpatient Concepts – Operative Safety and Outpatient Progress".

You can find the complete therapie LEIPZIG 2022 congress programme online. Tickets for the event are available at the ticket shop .

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