14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
18/02/2022 OTWorld

Highlights: Leaders of Interdisciplinary Care and Specialist Workshops

Leaders of interdisciplinary care from all over the world are a highlight of the congress programme. Renowned experts will be presenting interdisciplinary care concepts on leg prosthetics and diabetic foot. Specialist workshops on materials science in prosthetics and orthotics are a new addition to the programme.

The comprehensive congress programme at OTWorld 2022 with its large variety of congress formats covers a wide spectrum and reflects all aspects of modern patient care. One example of this is the format called "Global Interdisciplinary Leaders" that showcases successful care networks from all over the world with physicians, therapists and technicians coming together to present their joint patient care projects.

On 11 May, Dr Sicco A. Bus from the University of Amsterdam will hold a presentation entitled "State-of-the-art care of diabetic foot disease by an interdisciplinary team". In his lectures, the care team will join him in presenting the latest principles in shoe design and biomechanical pressure relief, as well as other innovations.

On 12 May, PhD Matthew J. Major and his colleagues from the Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center in Chicago will present the latest findings in a series of lectures entitled "Research and clinical practice in vacuum-assisted suspension techniques to improve patient outcomes”. Both events will be offered in German and English.

A new addition to the programme is a series of specialist workshops entitled "Material 2025 – Material science in orthopaedic technology". Experienced users will be giving an overview of the materials used and how these are applied in prosthetics and orthotics. For your certification to be recognised, registration for the specialist workshops is necessary via the ticket shop .

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