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19/04/2022 OTWorld

Highlight: Treatment Route Cerebral Palsy

At the special show Treatment Route Cerebral Palsy, OTWorld will be showcasing the professional and complex orthopaedic treatment and care required for people with cerebral palsy. From childhood to adulthood, the challenges of the different phases of life and the respective medical aids will be presented at five stations.

Caused by early childhood brain damage, cerebral palsy is one of the most common movement disorders among children. From drop-foot to movement disorders or paralyses, cerebral palsy comes in many different forms. This makes it all the more imperative to provide individual patient-oriented care to give people with CP more independence and participation in daily life.

The Treatment Route Cerebral Palsy is under the patronage of the German Association of Orthopaedic Technology (BIV-OT), with the concept partner rehaKIND, an international support association for the rehabilitation of children and adolescents.

At five stations – corresponding to the five life stages of early childhood, school-age, puberty, transition to adulthood, and adulthood – visitors learn more about the special needs of individuals living with CP. From the first fittings of orthotics and shoes to standing and walking devices as well as suitable seating, the entire spectrum of assistive medical aids for the various ages and severities of illness will be presented. The selection of medical aids is based on Netzwerk Cerebralparese's (Cerebral Palsy Network) medical aid matrix.

The World Congress taking place alongside the trade show will offer supplementary scientific lectures and courses. Examples include a course on Special features of neurological foot deformities in an interdisciplinary context and the satellite symposium Interdisciplinary consultation: Providing devices for cerebral palsy while considering ICF aspects in an interdisciplinary team on 12 May as well as Prevention with cerebral palsy – International Surveillance Programme (CPUP) on 13 May.

Guided tours of the special show will be offered several times daily with a maximum of 12 participants per tour. Free registration will soon be available via the OTWorld Ticket Shop . There will also be several lectures each day on the stage.

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