14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
16/06/2022 OTWorld

Digital Innovation Talks: Discover Industry Innovations

From modern treatment with compression stockings and innovative care concepts for ankle injuries to diagnosis and ideal therapy for back pain, exhibitors at OTWorld 2022 present their new and innovative methods and products in digital Innovation Talks. Take advantage of their expertise and watch the 15 to 30-minute videos in the OTWorld media library.

Even after OTWorld you can benefit from the numerous Innovation Talks by this year's exhibitors and expand your skills and knowledge.

Take a look at the following offerings:

Enovis presents a digital Innovation Talk on "Aktueller Stand zur Sprunggelenkverletzung: Worauf kommt es in der innovativen Behandlung an?“

Head Physician for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery at the Waldkrankenhaus Bonn, Dr med Kai Fehske explains the structure of the ankle and discusses the most common kinds of ankle injuries. A thorough medical history and further examination including inspection, stress test, X-ray, and MRI form the foundation for continued therapy. In cases of severe injury, a walking boot or brace may be considered in order to immobilise the ankle.

The video "Kompressionsstrümpfe versorgen - einfach und passgenau mit VenoTrain" by Bauerfeind AG explains vascular anatomy and how compression stockings can be used to treat moderately severe venous diseases. The "Bodytronic" provides a touchless electronic measurement of patients in less than one minute.

Back pain has become a widespread complaint nowadays. In industrialised nations, at least 80 to 90 per cent of people will suffer from back pain at least once in their life, often as a result of lack of movement and from sitting too much. In the Innovation Talk, "Der Weg von der Diagnose zur perfekten Therapie gegen Rückenschmerzen - Patient, Arzt und Versorger Hand in Hand" , Bauerfeind AG presents its products for lumbar and sacroiliac back pain. These talks as well as other content will be available for you to view in the media library free of charge until 31.07.2022. Take a look and discover the interesting videos!

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