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10 - 13 May 2022

Technical development and prospects for individuals with spinal paralysis

Congress type icon Satellite-Symposium | Orthosis , Rehabilitation

Technical development and prospects for individuals with spinal paralysis

In cooperation with Deutschsprachige Medizinische Gesellschaft für Paraplegie e.V. (DMGP)

Alf Reuter

Bundesinnungsverband für Orthopädie-Technik


Dr. med. Marion Saur

Orthopädische Klinik Hessisch Lichtenau gemeinnützige GmbH


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CCO, Room 3

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Congress Lecture

Pressure ulcer problems: Measuring sitting pressure – Seat positioning

de Roche, Roland

Congress Lecture

Thinking for grasping – Options and limitations of brain-computer-interface-controlled neuroprostheses for grasping

Abstract: The arm-/hand function of individuals with high spinal cord injury can be restored with neuroprostheses on the basis of Functional Electrical Stimulation, if certain prerequisites are fulfilled. Brain-Computer Interfaces represent a promising user Interface for intuitive neuroprosthesis control.

Rupp, Rüdiger

Congress Lecture

Steer by ear – New control system using the ear muscles for electric wheelchairs

Schmalfuß, Leonie

Congress Lecture

Cybathlon: An international championship for robot-assisted parathletes

Abstract: This presentation summarizes the preparation and organisation of the first Cybathlon, which took place at the Swiss Arena Kloten, Zurich, on 8 October 2016. It also presents the future of the championship and related events.

Riener, Robert

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Upper extremity isometric strength analysis in spinal cord injured manual wheelchair users

Abstract: Objective to study upper extremity strength (UES) and wheelchair (MWC) seat height in spinal cord injury (SCI). Methods: cross–sectional study in paraplegia. Results: n=52 SCI. Difference in UES for seat height, shoulder pain and time since SCI. Conclusion: Lower UES for MWC with higher seats.

Quintino Guerreiro, João