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27 - 29 October 2020

Orthotics - Lower Limb

Congress type icon Session | Lower Limb Orthotics

Orthotics - Lower Limb


Dr. rer. medic. Arne Nagel

Möller Orthopädie Schuh Technik


Ludger Lastring

Bundesfachschule für Orthopädie-Technik e.V.



Fri, 2012/05/18 16:45 - 18:00 export in calendar


Room 2

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Congress Lecture

New functionalities bring new stress forces to the components of KAFOs

Abstract: A new KAFO concept with a hydraulically controlled knee joint allows the knee to be flexed when it is bearing weight. For the patient, this is a great additional function (e.g. for descending slopes and stairs), for the components, it means unprecedented stresses. The measurements are shown.

Auberger, Roland

Congress Lecture

Development of an active orthosis using reference data from performance-based tests, fabrication and prototype testing on patients

Abstract: Zur Entwicklung einer aktiven Orthese wurden Referenzdaten der Kinematik und Kinetik zum Aufstehen aus sitzender Position an Probanden erhoben. Mittels Bewegungsanalyse und EMG wurde ein erster Prototyp getestet. Die Muskelaktivität war durch die Unterstützung der motorisierten Orthese verringert.

Block, Julia

Congress Lecture

Clinical benefits of stance control orthosis systems - an analysis of scientific literature

Abstract: This literature review analysed whether any benefit can be scientifically verified for patients using SCOs compared with locked KAFOs. The majority of the studies gave clear indications of benefits of stance control orthosis systems.

Zacharias, Britta

Congress Lecture

The dawn of microprocessor controlled hydraulic K.A.F.O. assisted human walking

Abstract: Preliminary results of this first systematic patient trial with a new microprocessor controlled hydraulic stance and swing control orthosis showed remarkable improvements in walking capabilities such as alternating stair and slope descent. The exciting outcomes will be presented at the congress.

Lindsey, David

Congress Lecture

KAFOs with electronically controlled stance phase flexion damping: Results of preliminary biomechanical tests

Abstract: A new KAFO concept with an electronically controlled stance phase flexion damping for the knee joint allows flexion under load. This provides great benefit for patients in everyday use (e.g. descending slopes and stairs). The results of preliminary biomechanical tests are presented.

Schmalz, Thomas

Congress Lecture

Dynamic AFOs change the gait of patients with bilateral spastic cerebral palsy (CP) - Initial results

Abstract: Dynamische Unterschenkelorthesen verändern bei Patienten mit bilateraler spastischer CP die Gangparameter und das Gangbild. Die Ergebnisse zeigen signifikante und möglicherweise nachteilige Einflüsse auf den Rumpf und die obere Extremität. Dies sollte bei der Versorgung berücksichtigt werden.

Nagel, Arne