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27 - 29 October 2020

Influence of biomechanics on the design of modern sockets for the lower extremity

Congress type icon Symposium | Lower Limb Prosthetics

Influence of biomechanics on the design of modern sockets for the lower extremity


Olaf Gawron

Pohlig Orthopädie-Technik



Dr. Hartmut Stinus

Orthopaedicum Northeim-Göttingen


Tue, 2012/05/15 15:00 - 16:15 export in calendar


Room 1

Title Lecture Info Speaker

Congress Lecture

The differences in anatomy and biomechanics from the knee disarticualtion to the short transfemoral amputation

Abstract: Die Stumpfleistungsfähigkeit ist wesentlich für die erreichbare Teilhabe von Oberschenkelamputierten. Die Stumpflänge beeinflusst die Stumpfleistungsfähigkeit. Im Beitrag wird dargestellt, welche Auswirkungen die Stumpflänge auf das Gangbild des transfemoral Amputierten und die Gelenkauswahl hat.

Blumentritt, Siegmar

Congress Lecture

The importance of muscle stabilization and its relation to biomechanics in trans-femoral amputation

Abstract: Maintenance of the mechanical axis of the leg and femoral shaft axis in trans-femoral amputations is vital to allow for adequate socket fitting and enhancing patient function. The normal mechanical axis is 3° from vertical and the femoral shaft axis is 9° from vertical.

Gottschalk, Frank

Congress Lecture

Modern socket design in above knee prosthetics. What is allowed?

Abstract: Traditional prosthetic socket designs do not provide adequate control of the underlying bone of the amputated limb. This is because their inherent encapsulation method cannot impart sufficient compression to the overlying tissue to prevent unwanted skeletal motion within the interface. A new model incorporating skeletal capture technology that utilizes an alternating series of compression and release zones preloads strategic areas of soft tissue overlying the bone such that intrinsic motion or motion within the interface is minimized. A more responsive (energy conserving) and stable interface is the result.

Alley, Randall

Congress Lecture

Functional prosthetic socket design as the key to a sucessfull application of modern prosthetic systems in lower limb prosthetics

Abstract: Trotz technisch höchst anspruchsvoller Weiterentwicklungen industriell angefertigter Prothesenpassteile stellt der Prothesenschaft, als orthopädietechnisches, individuelles Handwerksprodukt in der Gesamtbetrachtung einer Prothese nach wie vor das wichtigste Bauteil dar.

Gawron, Olaf