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27 - 29 October 2020

Diabetic Foot - Current Concepts

13th ISPO World Congress

Congress type icon Symposium | Foot and Shoe

Diabetic Foot - Current Concepts


MD John H. Bowker

Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami

Department of Orthopaedics


KD Dr. med. Thomas Böni

Uniklinik Balgrist


Wed, 2010/05/12 15:00 - 16:30 export in calendar


Room 5

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Congress Lecture

Evaluation of the Diabetic Foot

Abstract: The diabetic foot demands repetitive, complex decision making. A concise, complete, and time-saving evaluation of the diabetic foot is essential for correct and appropriate decision making. Based on pathophysiological concepts the lecture will give an algorhytmic overview of the non-invasive evaluation of the diabetic foot with special emphasis on biomechanical impairments.

Böni, Thomas

Congress Lecture

Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Prevention and Management

Abstract: The prevention of diabetic foot ulcers is based on the identification of patients with certain risk factors, the determination of their level of ulcer risk and the implementation of preventive measures, including focused education and provision of protective footwear.

Bowker, John H.

Congress Lecture

Diabetic Foot Infections

Abstract: With proper wound care, prompt, appropriate surgery, focused antibiotic therapy and optimum control of metabolic disorders including hyperglycemia, ketosis and nutritional deficiencies, infection can be controlled and a functional foot salvaged in most cases.

Bowker, John H.

Congress Lecture

The Charcot Foot

Wetz, Hans-Henning

Congress Lecture

Could Biomechanical Screening Prevent Charcot Feet?

Abstract: This paper outlines a hypothesis linking repetitive biomechanical strain in the functional joints of the foot to atrophic or hypertrophic deterioration. This hypothesis implies that biomechanical factors can allow identification of the foot at risk of Charcot deterioration to be recognised early.

Munro, William

Congress Lecture

Off-Loading for the Diabetic Foot

Abstract: Diabetic foot ulcers due to internal or external pressure zones cause major problems in the treatment of those patients. As a result of the following infections a higher number of amputations occur out of these problems. Therefore pressure release, pressure distribution in the treatment of ulcers or infections, even in the prevention of ulceration on the diabetic foot are of main importance. In the literature there are several techniques of pressure reduction described. International literature mainly deals with a treatment by total contact casting, there is evidence of effectiveness for this technique. Due to the fact that in German speaking countries there is traditionaley a high reputation for orthopaedic shoe fitting and orthotic treatment there are different other approaches as for instance orthopaedic shoe fitting with insoles and rocker bottoms or orthotic treatment with pressure release orthosis. These techniques are discussed with a view on evidence in literature. In the presentation the different ad

Greitemann, Bernhard