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27 - 29 October 2020


13th ISPO World Congress

Congress type icon Advanced Instructional Course | Foot and Shoe



KD Dr. med. Thomas Böni

Uniklinik Balgrist


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Room 2

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Congress Lecture

Changing Concepts in Clubfoot Treatment - The Historical Perspective

Abstract: Since Hippocrates treatment concepts in clubfoot underwent significant changes. Based on a concise historical overview of the main therapeutical approaches the lecture will focus on the detection of an underlying pattern.

Böni, Thomas

Congress Lecture

Pathoanatomy Based Treatment of the Clubfoot in Children - the Ponseti Method

Abstract: The patoanatomy of the clubfoot can be understood as a maximum supination of the hind foot with disrupted fore-hind foot alignment. Under this assumption the Ponseti method corrects the fore-hind foot-alignment and reduces the hind foot with manipulation of the calcaneo-pedis-block. Serial casting and consequent splinting maintains the results of the manipulations.

Rödl, Robert

Congress Lecture

Attitudes of Orthopedist and Orthopedic Technician to the Treatment of Pes Equinovarus Congenitus

Abstract: The Authors present surgical and nonoperative treatment of pes equinovarus congenitus with a special attention being paid to Ponseti’s method combined with a substantial share of orthotic treatment on the therapeutic results.

Huraj, Emil

Congress Lecture

Outcome of the Ponseti Method in Treatment of Clubfoot in Tanzania

Tuni, Walter A.

Congress Lecture

The Balgrist Clubfoot Orthosis in the Post-Treatment of the Infant Clubfoot

Lentz, Sharon