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27 - 29 October 2020

Lower Limb Prosthetics - Functional Foot Components

13th ISPO World Congress

Congress type icon Session | Amputation/Prosthetics

Lower Limb Prosthetics - Functional Foot Components


Pierre Gauthier

International Committee of the Red Cross

Physical Rehabilitation Programme- Health Unit


Dipl.-Ing. Merkur Alimusaj

Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg

Technische Orthopädie


Sat, 2010/05/15 10:30 - 12:00 export in calendar


Room 1

Title Lecture Info Speaker

Congress Lecture

User Oriented Selection of Prosthetic Feet Based upon their Mechanical Properties

Abstract: The presentation will focus on mechanical testing of prosthetic feet and how testing can be related to clinical practice. Mechanical testing methods, correlations to clinical and biomechanical properties and methodologies for prosthetic foot selection based on verifiable properties will be discussed

Schneider, Gregory

Congress Lecture

Joint Kinematics and Kinetics in Unilateral Transtibial Amputees when Walking with an Adaptive Prosthetic Ankle Foot System on Stairs and Ramps

Abstract: The effects of a new adaptive prosthetic ankle were investigated in transtibial amputees (TTA) during ambulation on stairs and ramps using instrumented 3D-gait analysis. Significant improvements in kinematics and kinetics were found when walking with the adapted compared to the non-adapted ankle.

Alimusaj, Merkur

Congress Lecture

Do Prosthetic Ankle Units Benefit Persons with Bilateral Transfemoral Amputations?

Abstract: Quantitative analyses were conducted on 4 male subjects with bilateral transfemoral amputations that walked with and without prosthetic ankle units. Increased ankle motion in the sagittal plane may improve the gait of persons with lower limb amputations while providing a more versatile prosthesis.

McNealy Jackson, Lexyne

Congress Lecture

Sagittal Plane Kinematics of Prosthetic Foot/Ankle Mechanisms: Calculated Joint Centre and ROM

Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate various prosthetic feet in ROM & centre of rotation in the sagittal plane. The results suggest that not only are prosthetic foot kinematics different from intact feet, the marker setup has an effect & results may not be generalizable between different prosthetic feet.

Rusaw, David

Congress Lecture

Investigation of the Effect of Prosthetic Foot/Ankle Properties on Balance Efficiency while Standing on Inclined, Declined, and Level Surfaces

Abstract: Persons with transfemoral amputation increased energy consumption while standing on non-level surfaces with current prosthetic foot/ankle devices using a single stiffness value and alignment. Adapting foot/ankle alignment to sagittal plane surface slope significantly reduced oxygen consumption.

Gard, Steven A.

Congress Lecture

Field Test and Follow Up on Foot Lifespan used in Low-income Nations

Abstract: Thousands of prosthetic feet are used each year in many low-income countries. Following 2006*ISPO recommendations, manufacturing process improve over the years and continued monitoring on foot life span remains crucial. A part of laboratory test,field test play an important role in that prospect.

Gauthier, Pierre

Congress Lecture

The Effect of Prosthetic Ankle Units on the Gait of Persons with Bilateral Transtibial Amputations

Abstract: The purpose of this investigation was to determine if increased prosthetic ankle motion improves walking performance of persons with bilateral transtibial amputations. Results indicate that prosthetic ankle components that permit greater motion provide substantial benefit during walking.

Gard, Steven A.