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10 - 13 May 2022

Lower Limb Prosthetics - Biomechanics 1

13th ISPO World Congress

Congress type icon Session | Amputation/Prosthetics

Lower Limb Prosthetics - Biomechanics 1


Dipl. Ing. (FH) Daniel Heitzmann

Orthopädische Universitätsklinik Heidelberg



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Room 2

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Hip Moment after Trans-femoral Amputation - Comparison of Isometric and Auxotonic Hip Moment in Amputees and Normals

Abstract: The presented results allow a good assessment of muscle changes associated with an amputation its late effects. The comparison of isometric and auxotonic measurements shows which hip moments occur during gait, and which isometric maximums are possible.

Günther, Michael

Congress Lecture

Comparison of Maximum Isometric Hip and Knee Joint Moments in Trans-tibial and Trans-Femoral Amputees with Moments During Gait

Abstract: Maximum isometric moments of transtibial (TT) and transfemoral (TF) amputees were tested at the residual limb hip and knee. Compared to controls, TF showed hip strength deficits in all motion directions while TT had knee and hip strength deficits in all directions but in hip adduction and extension.

Heitzmann, Daniel

Congress Lecture

Increased Walking Habits and Decreased Energy Cost with Osseointegrated Transfemoral Prostheses – Prospective Results from the OPRA Study

Abstract: This prospective study on 20 patients treated with osseointegrated transfemoral prostheses show decreased energy cost and increased walking habits at 2-years follow-up as compared to the preoperative situation when using conventional socket prostheses.

Hagberg, Kerstin

Congress Lecture

Instrumented Motion Analysis and Trans-tibial Prosthetics: a Systematic Review

Abstract: A systematic review was conducted to critically evaluate methods used during three dimensional motion analysis of trans-tibial amputees. Presented is a critical review of the level of evidence, quality of research design, and summary of dependent and independent variables utilized by researchers.

Rusaw, David

Congress Lecture

Stability Parameters: Intact and Prosthetic Limbs

Abstract: Plantar pressure data were collected while unilateral transtibial prosthesis users performed six walking tasks. Six dynamic stability parameters were extracted for each limb. The intact limb compensated for instability, enhancing stability during stance-phase on the prosthetic side.

Lemaire, Edward

Congress Lecture

Knee Kinematics Measurement on Above-knee Amputees during Gait in Real-life Environment using Inertial and Magnetic Measurement Units

Abstract: Evaluation of the accuracy of Inertial and Magnetic Measurement Units when measuring prosthetic knee kinematics was presented. Furthermore, a new kinematic coupling method to improve the accuracy and to correctly represent the kinematics of a C-Leg prosthetic knee was tested.

Raggi, Michele

Congress Lecture

CAA - Computer Aided Alignment: A Novel Method of Electronical Measuring for Improved Leg Prosthesis Alignment Based on Objective Criteria

Abstract: A method has been developed to give component dependent bench alignment recommendations on a PC screen. For this, sensors in a knee prosthesis compute components and position of the static ground reaction force relative to the prosthesis. This method allows objective alignment without a gait-lab.

Seyr, Martin