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Open Topics


Ingo Pfefferkorn

OTB GmbH, ein Unternehmen der GesundHeits GmbH Deutschland


Wed, 2008/05/21 13:00 - 14:30 export in calendar


Room 5

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Congress Lecture

New exoskeleton after interscapulae-thoracicae resection

Abstract: Die Behandlung und die orthopädische Versorgung der Patienten der Interskapulare Brustresektion ist eine schwere Aufgabe.


Congress Lecture

Upper Extremity Prosthetics - Congenital Humeroradial Synostosis

Abstract: The congenital humeroradial synostosis (HRS) is a combined developmental de-fect of upper limb, characterized by absence of elbow (the humerus continues into the ra-dius without a change in the structure of bone), ulnar deficiency, defects of the hand. HRS may be an occasional finding in some syndromes (Keytel, Antley-Bixler, Nievergelt et all).

Minkin, Alexander

Congress Lecture

The lengthening in hand surgery before prosthetics

Abstract: In children hand surgery, especially in preparation to prosthetics was used the Ilizarov method and special apparatus and his modifications. The purpose of lengthening is enlargement of short stumps or rudiments for: good pinch of the hand, good fixing of hand prosthesis and to control of them.

Koryukov, Alexander

Congress Lecture

Biomechanical comparison of the patellar-tendon-bearing (PTB) socket with the non-PTB socket

Abstract: The patellar tendon bearing (PTB) socket for trans-tibial amputees, introduced in the USA in the 1950s, has been in use since that time with reasonable success. In the majority of cases, this design offered advantages over the previous traditional thigh corset type, as it allowed the use of the knee joint and thigh musculature to be normally used.

Solomonidis, Stephan

Congress Lecture

Clinical Differentiation of Plagiocephaly and Other Infant Head Shape Deformities

Abstract: The work contained in this abstract is an original analysis of infant head shape data received by Orthomerica Products, Inc. The data is a sample of the more than 10,000 molds or scans received yearly for fabrication of a cranial remolding orthosis.

Lima, Dulcey

Congress Lecture

Motion analysis, possibilities and applications

Thorgilsson, Baldur